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Where the operator assigns the responsibility for quality risk service by our experienced Risk Managers.
For high-volume clients,our Risk department can collaborate with client’s sportsbook team combining the information and experience from both sides.

With real –time monitoring of players behavior and comparison to historical data we create personal profiles of every player.

Player profiling
Patterns of play
Using sophisticated algorithms every pattern of play is detected and automatically new rules are being applied to minimize exposure.
Categorization of players
From vip to bad players,everyone is being tracked and categorized in order the operator to separate his bettors and take fast decisions for every aspect of his business.
Odds and limits adjustment
Every operator can easily adjust current and future odds as well to set or change every limit whether concerns League,Country or Player and create ready-made limit settings.
Match-fixing notifications
In case of match-fixing we have created a private notification system that alerts quickly all our customers informing about and proposing actions.
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Professional trading from professional traders
Our trading teams located in 5 regions worldwide ensure optimal margins for your business. Working 24/7 and connected with top retail bookmakers we monitor market data,odds and liability offering perfect trading analysis to our partners.

We take Risk Management
seriously introducing

“Cross-Risk Management”