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Having in complete control all the aspects of sportsbook real-time.
Whether is Pre-Game or Live,operators can manipulate the odds,events and markets as well to disable or re-enable them.
  • Odds increasing/decreasing
  • Event update
  • Market management
  • Probability manipulation
    Management of
    Integrated Products
    Take your business one step ahead of competition.

    While the needs of running a betting business are getting bigger we created the most flexible tool for operators. All 3rd party products can be enabled or disabled according to your needs. Want to add more products? Just enable them.

    A wide range of 3rd party products can be enabled or disabled with the click of a button. Want to add new slots or another live casino? Just click the product and it becomes online the next second.

    Manage your players accounts with ease,from personal information to payment transactions and set different products per player or per groups of players

    Player Management
    Role Management
    Role management helps you manage authorization, which enables operators to specify the resources that users in the website are allowed to access. Also you can treat groups of users as a unit by assigning users to role.
    Content Management
    Conveniently manage and publish content in real time with our integrated CMS, across all your properties,with special focus on SEO optimization
    Reports and statistics
    Take the best decisions for your business with our real time reporting capabilities,create pre-defined reports and benefit from our Intuitive Dashboards for faster and essential decision making.
    Internal Communication
    One messaging tool for all the users of your gambling operation,according to each role,that allows to communicate the right group of users with the right department.
    Running one betting site or many,now becomes easier than ever.
    Τake advantage of our platform's capabilities and extend your business without limits. Run many different brands in different countries and manage them from one account with the simplicity of one system.
    Ticket data flow
    Offering full ticket control, operators have access to deep details of ticket flow.
    Watch real-time your incoming bets and all related data such as amounts, players, regions and device types. Furthermore all incoming bets can be grouped per affiliate, agent or partner.
    Covering a wide range of Bonus Types,our clients are becoming extremely competitive to even the biggest markets.
    With our CROSS-PRODUCT BONUSING operators are not limited in one Bonus type.Ιnstead they can offer at the same time multiple bonus types for different products
    • Deposit Bonus
    • No Deposit Bonus
    • Welcome Bonus
    • Reload Bonus
    • Mobile Bonus
    • Free Spins
    • Free Bets
      Ready to full manage
      your operations with ease ?